Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pakistani Mehndi Design

In Pakistan mehndi designs are really important for women life because with mehndi designs her looks is become more attractive and charming. With Pakistani Mehndi Design 2011 you can improve your designing skills in mehndi and impress other girls and women.

Here you can find a lot of Pakistani Mehndi Design 2011 which have new look and beautiful style in Mehndi Design 2011. In 2011 Pakistani Mehndi Design doesn’t change absolutely but there are some new designs are evolved in this year which are here placed .

With following Pakistani Mehndi Design 2011 and Pakistan Bridal Mehndi Designs 2011 girls can make Bridal makeup at home and save their money for mehndi design from Beauty parlor.

With Pakistan Bridal Mehndi Designs photos you can make more charming designs at home and impress your friends and also improve your beauty parlor skills and earn some extra money through this Pakistan Bridal Mehndi Designs 2011 make up.

Mehndi Designs 2011 Photos :

School Girl Preppy Fashion Trend

Fall/Winter 2010 School Girl Preppy Fashion TrendTeen fashion-inspired trend pop up on the catwalk each season. Indeed similarly to the the other style movements the Fall/Winter 2010 school girl preppy fashion trend also radiates a classy approach to the various school-chic must have outfit pieces as well as signature uniform prints as plaid. These creations were promoted by designers in their vision of the modern Preppy look which combines some of the feminine body consciousness in the shape of high heels with that girlie flair.

Adopting a runway style trend might not be the easiest task if you are in need of the secrets of the perfect accessorizing as well as outfit planning. However the Fall/Winter 2010 school girl Preppy fashion trend needs less pro skills as well as handiness as it promotes a neat and well-defined apparel line which embraces some of the classy style items worn during the school years. These are without a doubt comfy and practical as well as stylish when dressed up with an urban flair and adding more feminine and cosmo chic features as the high boots as well as additional accessories. Turn your old-school outfit into a modern and cutting edge style by using your creativity when it comes of playing up your best features. Designers as Proenza Schouler, Donna Karan (DKNY) as well as the Chloe fashion house all offer you the chance to sport the trend in its utmost beauty and glam.



Cynthia Steffe

Cynthia Steffe

Classy School Uniform Preppy Style

Those who were enrolled in school that promoted the sporting of a classy uniform would know which are some of the must have pieces of an appropriate school apparel. The stylish shirts, coats or blazers as well as cute knee-high socks and even chic skirts are the A-list elements of a textbook style school-fashion appearance. However it seems that these designers still managed to set these traditional looks into a brand new perspective.

Adding more foxy and feminine features as the high heels and the mini skirts that would perfectly balance out the college look enhancing the whole appearance with a tint of sex-appeal. The chic headwear as well as socks trend presented in the DKNY and Cynthia Steffe A/W 2010 RTW collections offers the chance to embed the timeless Preppy accessories into our casual wardrobe and sport some of the latest style trends on the market. Take a glimpse at the outfit ideas above and make sure you bring out the uniform-inspired college girl of yourself and rock the look over and over again.

Cynthia Steffe

Proenza Schouler

Karen Walker

Karen Walker

Cat Eye - The Ideal For You

The cat eye, pin up eye, or whatever you decide to call it, it's very known for decades and it's completly wearable for any ocasion. On the runaways, on the red carpet, and for common people like us use it too in our days. There are more than one type of cat eye, depending how much you force the eyeliner and the shape you make.

In my opinion, the cat eye should be the most valorized thing when it comes to eye make up. Believe it or not, it can accentuate your eyes and create different illusions: bigger or smaller eyes, give a more "awake" look to them, and much more. It only depends on the type of cat eye you choose.


Small Eyes: Hello partner (I also have small eyes)! To make the illusion of having more bigger eyes, make a long and thin trace with the eyeliner. It's classy, but casual.

Big Eyes: If you have big eyes, then don't be scared if you don't want to use the cat eye. Most of all types look great, even the thin ones. The perfect one is to imitate more the pin up look, the thick ones.

Droopy Eyes: If that's you case, then the cat eye it's the perfect solution. Try to applicate on the outside corner only in the half of the eyes.

Almond Eyes: Any girl desires of having an almond shape of the eyes, that's what the make up tries to copy! Any type of trace can enhance them, that's why you're so lucky!

And that's all! Tell me if I helped you or if the type of eyes you have, 'till then I'll stop here with some looks you can use. Kisses <3








Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Short Hair

Short hairstyles2011 can be any color, but most popular are bright shades of blonde and red, as well as deep multitonal dark shades for brunettes. Panels of hair color that give the illusion of shine and hairstyles that have
different shades in the tips or roots are also popular. Choose only a few shades in order to modern look when you are choosing several shades for you hair.

Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Many styles for different hair lengths. There are variety of hairstyles for round faces 2011 available for different hair´ types, lengths, texture and shapes. Some old but modified styles and a lot of new styles you can try on. Hairstyles for round faces 2011 are intended to slim face down, and add length to your face.

Short Haircuts

Short haircuts on the other hand are very easy to carry, and can be styled in just two minutes.Pick one from the short bob haircuts for 2011 and get ready to look trendy.If you have straight hair then you can go for the stylish angular bob or wonderful inverted bob haircuts for 2011.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles Design

Shoulder length styles are never out of fashion and forever look trendy. If your hairs are thick, you can look best by lot of bounce and volume, however if your hairs are thin.shoulder Length Hairstyles.One of the most popular looks in hairstyles are styles that are worn shoulder length or reach the length of the shoulders. Shoulder length hair is one of the most common lengths since the look is neither short, nor long but simply in between. Many styles can also be created with the shoulder length such as ponytails, waves, and curls, but many women perfer it to longer hair since it doesn't carry the high maintance. To create a shoulder length style, make sure you get your hair cut by a professional, and be sure to add layers to frame your face.
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